CBN Subscriber Services

Collegiate Basketball News offers several services which are described below that many subscribers have found useful through the years.

Order forms for The RPI Report and The Women's RPI Report

Subscription order forms for The RPI Report and The Women's RPI Report can be printed using these links (a .pdf reader is required):

The RPI Report

The Women's RPI Report

Download your complimentary issues of Volume 25, No. 1 of The RPI Report here and Volume 20, No. 1 of The Women's RPI Report here

CBN On-Site Service

Collegiate Basketball News has given over 25 on-site presentations to individual schools and conferences since 1993 to subscribers of CBN publications, and the service is now called the Collegiate Basketball News On-Site Service. This service is available to current subscribers of The RPI Report and The Women's RPI Report, which consists of a customized presentation by CBN at the location selected by the subscriber that is designed to explain the RPI in detail and fulfill program goals. The presentation explains how to take advantage of opportunities to adjust non-conference scheduling to enhance post-season tournament possibilities. Specific detail is given to at-large NCAA tournament history and selections. Additional information regarding the Collegiate Basketball News On-Site Service can be obtained by calling CBN at (317) 757-2848.

CBN Post-Season Wrap-up/CBN Game Results

Collegiate Basketball News offers the Collegiate Basketball News Post-Season Wrap-Up to subscribers to The RPI Report and The Women's RPI Report. This bound volume contains a complete set of The RPI Report or The Women's RPI Report for the season, complete game results for the season, analysis of non-conference road games, conference vs. conference, home, neutral, and road won-lost records, standings, and much more! Order it for this season and you will receive our weekly CBN Game Results which are distributed via e-mail weekly. It includes a searchable index so that you can find the game results of any team in an instant. An example of the games results format is given below. The Collegiate Basketball News Post-Season Wrap-Up is mailed in late April. We can only print up a set number and after that they are no longer available, so be sure to reserve your copy today! We do have a very limited number of copies for some past years available, so please inquire if interested.



In addition to a complete collection of the Reports as described above, here are links to other examples of Men's Wrap-Up content:

CBN game results

Percentage of non-conference regular season home, road, and neutral games

Expanded conference vs. conference records

CBN standings

Final full season W-L records, W-L percentages, and W-L percentage rankings

CBN Consulting Services

CBN also can help if you have a special project, such as non-conference scheduling analysis, or any number of other data-intensive tasks. Give us a call at (317) 757-2848 for more information.