The Jeff Sagarin/CBN Women's College Basketball Ratings

The 2016-2017 season is the 18th consecutive year that Collegiate Basketball News and Jeff Sagarin have combined their resources to produce The Jeff Sagarin/CBN Women's Basketball Ratings. This cooperative effort between Jeff Sagarin and CBN brings basketball fans everywhere an alternative set of computer ratings to the RPI for women's college basketball. Jeff's women's ratings use the same methodology as his men's college basketball ratings, which he has been calculating since the 1974-75 season. The ratings are the only reliable alternative computer-based ratings to those found in The Women's RPI Report. The Jeff Sagarin/CBN Women's Basketball Ratings are available to The Women's RPI Report subscribers at no additional charge, and they are available for free to all visitors to the web site for a limited time at the beginning of the season. The Jeff Sagarin/CBN Women's Basketball Ratings ratings are provided to the women's basketball tournament selection committee at their meetings leading up to selection Monday, on a complimentary basis, courtesy of Jeff Sagarin and Collegiate Basketball News. The women's tournament selection committee members are free to make use of the ratings to help in selecting and seeding the women's basketball championship.

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